Your go-to token distribution tool

A fast and budget-friendly way to send tokens and NFTs to multiple wallets - in just a few clicks.
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Multisend tokens and NFTs on multiple chains
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Speed up token transfers. Save time. Save fees.
Sending tokens or NFTs to wallets one-by-one is laborious and costly. SlashToken lets you execute batch transactions and distribute tokens to multiple recipients at once, in a fast and cost-efficient way.
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    Multisend ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, and more native tokens
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    Multisend USDC, USDT, and more ERC-20 tokens
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    Multisend meme coins such as DOGE, SHIBA, and PEPE
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    Multisend NFTs (ERC-721 tokens)
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    Transparent fee, scaling for every 500 recipients. View examples.
The easiest way to distribute tokens and NFTs.
Sending tokens or NFTs via SlashToken literally takes seconds. Our guiding and user-friendly interface allows you to distribute tokens in just 3 steps. No technical UI, no crypto jargon - built for everyone.
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Select token
Connect your Metamask wallet and select the token or the NFT you wish to distribute.
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Add recipients
Enter recipients’ wallet addresses. You can either type them manually or upload a CSV or TXT file.
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Approve and send
Approve tokens if needed, pay transaction fees, and you're done! Recipients will immediately receive your tokens.
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Low cost.
High impact.
Enjoy transparent, low-cost pricing: Just 0.00375 ETH for 500 recipients on Ethereum, or 0.015 BNB on Binance. Based on the recipients you are targeting, you know the exact cost upfront. No surprises.
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    Transparent fee, scaling for every 500 recipients. View examples.
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    Explore Premium bundles to benefit from our competitive pricing
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    No hidden fees. No surprises.
Do you frequently airdrop tokens?
Get one of our Premium bundles and enjoy savings of up to 25% on our service fee!
Why use SlashToken Drop?
Token distribution tools are more than just a technical convenience; they are a strategic asset for all Web3 projects looking to engage, reward, and grow their community.
  • Airdrop tokens and NFTs
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    Airdrop campaigns are an effective marketing strategy to build buzz and grow your project's community. Distribute tokens or NFTs to reward early supporters and increase the awareness of your Web3 project.
  • Distribute community rewards
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    Community rewards motivate users to engage with your Web3 project. Distribute tokens or NFTs to users who create content, use your Testnet applications, post and share on social media, report bugs, etc. to foster support and active involvement.
  • Make influencer payments
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    Influencer marketing is a powerful and constantly growing strategy in the crypto world, particularly for project related to NFTs and meme coins. SlashToken streamlines influencer payments with easy and affordable bulk token distributions.
  • Distribute staking rewards
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    As staking mechanisms become more prevalent, the need for an efficient distribution mechanism of staking rewards to users who lock their tokens becomes apparent. SlashToken is your favorite rewards distribution tool.
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