Trusted draws.
Instant rewards.

The new standard for trusted, onchain draws. Conduct provably-fair draws AND automatically send rewards (tokens or NFTs) to winners. In a seamless, one-step operation.
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Conduct trusted, onchain draws on multiple chains
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Draw winners onchain. Improve your credibility and your reputation.
SlashToken helps you conduct draws and select winners onchain - in the most fair, trusted, and transparent way. Provide your users with a more trustworthy draw experience. Build trust and improve your reputation.
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    Transparent and provably-fair draws
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    Randomness guaranteed by Chainlink and Pyth
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    No human manipulation
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    Max 100 winners per draw
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    Publicly auditable draw results
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Automatically distribute rewards to winners.
SlashToken not only ensures transparency in winner selection, but automatically distributes rewards (tokens or NFTs) to winners. Our seamless, one-step operation saves you time, eliminates human errors, and further increases your trustworthiness.
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    Reward ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, and more native tokens
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    Reward USDC, USDT, and more ERC-20 tokens
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    Reward meme coins such as DOGE, SHIBA, and PEPE
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    Reward NFTs (ERC-721 tokens)
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    Publicly verifiable rewards’ distribution
Amazingly easy.
Blazingly fast.
You will be amazed by how easy it is to conduct trusted, onchain draws with SlashToken. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the process in just 4 easy steps.
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Select token
Connect your Metamask wallet and select the token or the NFT you wish to draw.
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Setup draw
Define the number of draw winners and the winning amount per winner.
Next, enter the wallet addresses of all draw participants. You can either type them manually or upload a CSV or TXT file.
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Initiate randomness
Initiate randomness by paying the fees required by the onchain randomness provider.
Randomness is guaranteed by either Chainlink VRF or Pyth Entropy, the Web3 standards in onchain randomness.
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Draw winners and distribute rewards
Approve tokens if needed, pay transaction fees, and you're done! Winners will be selected and will immediately receive your reward tokens.
Share the public verification link of your draw to allow everyone confirm its authenticity.
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Running draws often?
Get one of our Premium bundles and enjoy savings of up to 25% on our service fee!
Why use SlashToken Draw?
  • Increase your Web3 project’s trust
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    Running onchain draws ensures that winner selection and reward distribution can be verified by anyone. This is especially crucial in the crypto industry, where trust is challenging to earn given the abundance of scams and frauds.
  • Giveaway NFTs on Twitter
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    Are you an NFT influencer? Use SlashToken to draw NFTs onchain and ensure draw transparency, trust, and verifiability. Enhance your credibility and your reputation. Plus, gain more traction on Twitter.
  • Gain more followers on Farcaster
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    Increase community engagement by rewarding draw winners directly onchain. Setup token or NFT draws on SlashToken and promote them on Farcaster to witness a surge in participation and followers.
Check draw results.
View the status of a draw, its winners, and more.
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